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Traditional and eco-friendly coffins and caskets


Coffins and caskets are available in many different styles, materials and sizes, the choice depends on the visible look, the type of funeral and for a burial the location. There are restrictions on the materials used to line a coffin for a cremation. Eco-friendly coffins are becoming popular to help protect the environment, and where a natural burial will take place such as in a Woodland location. Eco-friendly coffins and caskets can be used for traditional burials and cremations.


As standard we will offer you two types of coffin:


Wood Veneer Coffin - an elegant basic coffin (standard). This is a standard type of coffin, made of a strong wood composite material veneered in oak or mahogany. Manufactured locally in Pendle.


Panelled Wood Veneer Coffin - an elegant panelled coffin (Standard). This is a more elegant standard coffin, made of a strong wood composite material veneered in oak or mahogany. It has a raised lid, and is double moulded. Manufactured locally in Pendle. Wood effect veneer coffin: This is a simple wood effect veneer coffin available on request.


Wooden Caskets: The casket is a rectangluar shape, with a opening hinged lid on the upper half of the casket top. A casket is larger and heavier than a standard UK style coffin.

Available on request:


Wicker Coffin - an elegant eco-friendly coffin: These are a good choice for a natural burial, and an attractive alternative to the standard coffin suitable
for a traditional funeral and cremation. The material used is often Willow from sustainable sources in the UK and Europe. Decorative effects are created by waeving coloured wicker into the coffin.

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